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tears of joy

I have been occupied with my daughter’s schedule at school lately, could not find a moment to sit back and share story to anyone. However I cannot sleep tonight thinking about what happened today…

As usual.., me and my son took my daughter to school today, she’s having a Primary 1 mandarin preparation class every morning.., so Gavin and I would wait around the neighborhood, sometimes have breakfast at a foodcourt nearby.

This morning, was not like the usual morning, .. it was the brightest day to be out, quite windy but no sign of rain at all. We were eating chicken rice for a late breakfast in an open-area eating place.. While I was enjoying my ‘teh tarik’ (Singapore style of tea with milk), I noticed a mid-age man wandering around the foodcourt.. His shirt and pants are dirty, and he looked lame.. He walked around tables on bare foot, and looked at the food people eat on their tables. ~Well, the food choices there were actually not so nice to my standard, but quite cheap for a foodcourt prices. I just wanted to pass the time until my daughter finished her course~.

So, again this man caught my eyes, he was standing beside a table next to mine, some people have just finished their dish and left the table. Not for long, this man stepped closer to the table, dig on some left-over food on the plates with his fingers, ate them and clean the plate in second. I was very surprised and so were other people close to that table. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and thought “disgusting!” I looked around and saw other people were giving similar reaction with mine.

Then, I saw him walking out the foodcourt, and again, he dig a trash to see whether there was any unwanted food in the bin.
This time, however, I gasped, closed my eyes, and thought “Oh My God, what have I done! for many times I complaint about the food I eat, I sometimes do not finish my meal, being so picky with food and a place to eat, while this man is striving for a bite!!!!!!!”

I shed my tears seeing this man.. well I have seen on TV and read on news about homeless people, but I never seen in real life.. not to mention that Singapore is a prosper country too.. I put down my cup, and could not finish my tea, I was wondering whether he has drink or eat at all today, .. unlike me who can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a day.. He might not eat at all in a day!!!!!!!

I then took my boy to the nearby food stall, .. bought a simple and quick, fried noodle and a luncheon meat, and an ice tea cold drink to take away. I watched this man walking and waiting on the stop bus, .. then he stood near the trash bin, which I thought he might dig it again to see some good fortune. I really can’t stand it! .. so I braced up myself, walked closer to him with a pray in my heart “Jesus, when I give this man this meal, please do not let him be angry and think that I offend him, I just want him to eat an appropriate food, which I usually eat too”
So there I was, standing beside him, and handed the meal to him, .. with a doubt that he knows english, I just gesture that this food is for him to eat..

Then.. what shocked me the most.. He refused it! not with anger, but with SMILE! With gesture, wagging his hand, he refused my offer and gave me a two thumbs up… I can’t forget this scene.. I shed tears again, however, it became tears of joy….

I walked back to my daughter’s school, and thanked Jesus, for opening my heart and eyes, to see that in life, we are always secured when we walk in Him.
As for this man, he doesn’t beg for money or food, he doesn’t mug or steal, he isn’t hoping for a pity from others, but he’s standing and walking his life with a SMILE.
With that SMILE, he will see hope in life, and he knows that he will always be alright.


Jesus, I thank you for being with me today, you touched my heart through this man. You remind me that I have to always realize that there are many people who aren’t so lucky in wealth, in status, in health, and in social life…but blessedly strong in faith. Those people who do not depend on others nor in materials, but in YOU. How can this man still SMILING is because he has YOU.

Jesus, I want to have You in my life, in the morning and night.. every second in my life. Let me treasure and be thankful for all moments in my life, .. Thank You for giving me family, home, and endless love.. and let me SMILE and be glad for everything I’m facing in life,.. the happiness, the sadness, the illness, .. for I am safe living in Your kingdom.

Let us all pray for all our family, friends, and people around us, .. pray for the needy, the homeless, the unwanted, the abandoned, .. let the Grace of our Lord be with them always..


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