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It’s been a month for neglecting my blog :(, and I’m so glad to be back. Busy? No time to share? or having dryest moment-attacked in life?

So much excuses to run away from the fact that Jesus Himself comes and invites us to share His love, in every second of our life.

I’ve been a Thomas back and forth and been circled with fears, worries, and doubts. However, God patiently drenched me with His love, through my friends and loved ones. I remember vividly back on Easter eve, the time when I was in downslope time, wasn’t feel ready to celebrate His victory- to die on the cross and to raise from the death to save us from our sins. I asked in my silent prayer, “I know my cross in this world is nothing compared to You Lord, but it’s been too heavy these days…” Then, on the day of our choir practice, He sent a word from a good brother for me to realize that He didn’t and never leave me. “So, you alright?” That was the very word that I felt His presence.

Weeks had past..I’ve been faced with hopeless situations, again…! overwhelmed with fears and worries that I would never get through. Everyday was an empty hope! I had no more strength.. I only could pray..and pray.. and hoping that He will show me a way out! an instant way out!
Then one day I had this irritating whisper “No hope! God won’t help you, you have to fight yourself!” recognizing that it wasn’t God’s voice, I jumped out from my absentmindedness and prayed “Oh Lord, my God, take me under Your wings, do what you think is best for me, I will follow”

I was unwell for about a week so I had to miss the church and sing with the choir. However I felt stronger each day from peaceful dreams I had with Him =)
I guess He wanted me to lay back, to step out from this hectic life, to enjoy the love from my family, and to experience the privilege of His gentleness and love..

I’m thankful for being unwell.. and thankful to be back again. Last Saturday I received my ‘hello’ again from Him when we sang the Seek Ye First song.. and again in the homily from Fr.Robertus “Do not worry, for I am the bread of life”. Before I went to bed, He greeted me again through my daughter through her bed-time story about Jesus when He spoke to the howling wind and the steep-pitched waves, “Where is your faith?”.



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