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How many times have I heard my daughter kiss me good night and saying ‘May your Guardian Angel watch over you’

How sweet it sounds to my ear… and indeed, the Guardian Angels watches us, not only during our sleeps, but every single second of our lives.

A week ago, me and my kids went vacation in Jakarta, well I knew that it would be hard since my hubby wasn’t with us, but we ended up going anyway. We did have fun, I got to finish some errands I had planned to do there, so.. it was great! Until my kids got sick with high fever, and Arl was admitted to the hospital. My heart ached, and so stressful. Praying was the only thing I could do, and I am thankful for all helps from my families and friends back in Singapore. Then one last day we were scheduled to fly back to Singapore, I got sick, yup.. it was a sudden and still blurry moment I’ve experienced myself. I was in the ward with Arl and Gav, suddenly couldn’t feel my arms and legs, then cramping all over, I had short of breath and couldn’t even pray with my mouth, no word came out. I was terribly scared.. I thought “this is it!” and with all my heart prayed for forgiveness and may my guardian angel watch over me.

I shouted, word by word, to the doctor at the Emergency Room, “can’t breathe! stomach cramps! can’t feel my arms n legs” and saw the nurse put on some O2 and IV on my hand. Then, suddenly I felt my right thumb moving, good that I had my phone with me, so I text my hubby “come here now”, then text my friends in faith of St.Cecilia Family Choir to pray for me now, I needed instant help from above…

About 30min later, my dad came, with my SIL, things were better… I received some messages from friends saying that I should not worry, they all were praying to heavens for me.. not for long, I could then explain to my family what I felt and how it happened. Praise the Lord for He is good.
He never leaves me, He sent all angels to watch over me, He sent my friends, my family, to pray for me too. May God bless them abundantly!

So, yeah, I was warded at the same room with Arl, my hubby came, then all of us stayed in a cozy room in the hospital πŸ™‚ yay, so happy we’re together again πŸ™‚

We’re back now, and can’t stop thanking the Lord for His speedy help πŸ™‚ Indeed His help was just in time, not too early, and never too late. Praise the Lord!

I joined the church choir again after few weeks of absent. I remember that when I was at Jakarta, my hubby text me and said ‘hey, you got a new choir member ya? He is cantoring just now. He has a beautiful amazing voice!” Then I thought “hmmm.. who was he yaa? Nic must have recruited new member for cantoring then”

So I asked some friends at the choir to know who is the new member. Some people weren’t coming to mass for few weeks, so couldn’t tell. Then I asked Korene, she said “uhm..yeah, while you were at Jakarta? It was Colin, and Tim, no new person cantoring, I don’t think”
‘Oh I see, hmm strange” I thought. Then Korene added “remember I told you, some angels are with our choir! It was an angel that your hubby saw and listened to!”

The next day I told Nic what Gary saw and heard at the pulpit weeks ago, I assumed it was Colin since Gary didn’t mention it was a child cantoring, but still, he must have recognized Colin for he has been cantoring for some times..
Then Web said “I don’t need many people tell me this, only oneΒ  feedback is enuf, it is The Holy Spirit”, “This is what we’re looking for, not just to sing, but bring the good news and touch everyone’s heart” Nic added

Maybe it was Colin for other people, but totally different person with different voice to my hubby’s ear and eyes.
I thank the Lord for His grace, to send His angel to sing beautifully amazing to my hubby.. I believe Gary missed spending time and attending mass with Him since he usually has to take care of our toddler during the mass.. last week he really was having “me-time with God” Praise the Lord!
Colin, He has chosen you to spread good news to others, may the Lord uses you all the time as His loving instrument to touch others, and may your Guardian Angel watch over you. Amen!


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