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This post might not be the first post you will see one day, as it will be buried with many upcoming articles,
however this sure will stay forever in my heart. I have been away from my blogging and will regret if I never posted this here..,
and I very much like to share with all my friends, that when we include God in everything we do, He will guide us all along.
Even in our driest moment, full of doubts, He will become stronger and He will do anything He can to lift us up again.

Yup, He sent me His most trusted messenger, St.Gabriel The Archangel, to my dream during my down slopes in the making of My Gift To You’ CD Album, a charity project to Mt.Merapi natural disaster victims.

St.Gabriel’s Visit

8 December 2010,

I had a wonderful dream with St.Gabriel the Archangel.

I was inside a big huge hall with decorations, seems like there will be Pope visiting and preaching there, but I was there not knowing about the event.

Anyway, I was wandering around, then strangely I saw one tomb
which above it were three angels flying in
circle. I saw them from a far and thinking with doubts “an angel? really?”

Then, one angel approached closer to me, a handsome angel with shoulder length of hair and huge wings, smiled and said “I am Gabriel, the Archangel, is there anything you’d want to offer to the Lord?”
then, without realizing, I suddenly took out my ‘songs’ from my pocket.. then the melodies just flew approaching the tomb and suddenly Jesus appeared and risen from the ground (at that moment then I realized it was the tomb of Jesus).

However Jesus didn’t say anything to me. Out of nowhere, there was one man appeared beside me and Jesus said to him “Go, the Pope will be arriving soon”

Then I just rushed back to my crowds and told them what had just happened.

I woke up with happiness, prayed and Thanked the Lord, and St.Gabe to have
visited me in my dream.

I then instantly shared my dream to my hubby, he was in the bus going for work, .. he texted me and told me to check out today’s gospel from Luke 1:26-38
God sent Angel Gabriel to give His message to virgin Mary.  How amazing! Amen.


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My Gift To You Album

My dear sisters and brothers in Christ

It’s been months I am away from my blog,
I can’t believe that I’ve been missing wonderful articles
from most my blogger friends
and also my intimate journey with God that I’d like to share.

First of all, please allow me to introduce you my first CD Album of My Gift To You,
which was released in December 2010.

About MGTY Album
This first album is my appreciation of my thankfulness
for all that I have and for what I am now..,
and this album is dedicated to my lovely family –
the most precious gift from the Lord,
my dearest husband, and my little angels.

It was indeed started from a dream,
yes, a dream of praising and singing to our Lord.
I wish to share with my family and friends,
that dreams do come true,
with prayers and faith to be His true disciple….
There’s nothing that He cannot do.

A good friend of mine once told me
“Do it only to Glorify His name,
no doubt He will make it happen…,
in His beautiful time”.

You can visit MGTY blog to hear songs sampler and more detailed information.

My Gift To You Album
As or me and my house, we will serve The Lord. (Joshua 24:15)

God Bless,
Monika Dewi

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