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Voices are around us and it is our choice to decide which one we want to listen.., and only by constant prayers will lead us closer to the voice of the Holy Spirit..

I attended novena masses at church, prior to the Feast day of St.Anne’s Church.  Homilies have been very comforting for me for the past few days, especially on the 4th day, “Happy are those who mourn, they shall be comforted”. What caught my attention so much was that Sacrament of Confession is indeed very powerful granted from our only God. From the day when we confessed, God has forgiven all our sins in the past and left nothing..Yes, it is that POWERFUL.

I was, for many times, wondering whether I am worthy to see God, to pray to God, let alone to serve God. I am a sinner, and each time I did confession, for some time I didn’t feel the freedom from sins. I sometimes heard some voices telling me ‘you have disappointed God from first time, from your past, ..and you’re not worthy to see Him’. My past wound and sins have been around me for so long and I was bounded with guilt and thoughts ‘how can I pray for others while myself is surrounded with past sins’.

Yesterday I read an article that moved me so much. It explained that God knows every sins we make, even when we have forgotten about it, with our good intention to confess and regret for the sins we made, God will forgive, ….yes, all of our sins! No exceptions. We then have to start our life to where God wants us to go, and it requires lots of prayers and guidance from the Lord.

From the past week I’ve been praying for a friend-in-faith who is carrying a baby and is now in the hospital for medical control and treatment. As a friend, who wouldn’t pray for those who are not well and needed help? So, I pray and hope the Lord will lead them and embrace them with His healing hands, without looking at me whom for many times have disappointed Him. I am really hoping that the Lord will hear my prayers, the sinner.

I also encountered another article regarding noises around us. The “I’m feeling guilty” voices were definitely NOT from God. He is a very merciful God and He has washed away all of our sins, and He wants me to walk my “today’s” life with Him.

Just this morning, He showed me even more! He built up my faith that infact all my thoughts and prayers have been well heard and He is always around and watching those who need His help.

This morning, I came back from my breakfast alone.. when I arrived home, took out my keys from my purse and was about to open my door, suddenly heard a cracking baby’s voice –  a baby’s crying.. and the voice came from inside my house.. I gasped, heart was pounding, and shed tears. I opened the door with silent prayer, “Lord, I heard the voice again, the baby’s crying, it needed help and lots of prayers.” I then quickly went into my room, sat in front of our praying corner and continued my prayer, “It happened before when I prayed for baby Gian, and I believed that You were watching and would save him. This time, I now believe that You will save baby Jeremiah, he wants to live and be loved by You and mostly by his loving parents. Let Your will be done, oh Lord..Let Your will be done”


Lord Jesus, I thank You for washing away my sins and my guilts. I thank You for making me worthy. Help me to understand and listen only to Your voices… and allow me to always be Your most effective instrument, to share Your love, by praying for others and to be firmed that prayers are indeed very powerful. Use me..guide me..and strengthen my faith to You, oh Lord. Amen.


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