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We had a very nice outing yesterday, went to Singapore zoo with my family. My kids, of course, were very happy and Arlene (the oldest one, 5yrs) kept telling people she met, such as her private mandarin teacher, that she had been wanting to see animals especially the orang utan and the gigantic elephant.. well, they had the baby elephant too, which of course huge.

I told Arlene to have a good nap and sleep early because seemed to have an early sign of cold, she might have worried a bit since she knew the trip could be cancelled if she was not well.

The night before the zoo trip day, we all prayed before went to bed. I always want to listen Arlene’s prayers, so I know if she needs assistance in how to speak to God in prayers. So, I pretended to sleep first, closed my eyes, then Arlene started to pray..

Hi Jesus, Hi Holy Mary…Thank you for today, the food, the clothes, the national day celebration at school, I had fun.
Tomorrow is a big day for me, I am going to the zoo, with my mom, dad, and baby brother. I want to see elephants, orang utan, penguin, and more. Please wake me up early Jesus, Holy Mary, because we have to go earlier in the morning. I don’t want to be late. Please help me so I don’t have a cold tomorrow so I can go to the zoo. Please please please oh please…
Thank You Jesus, Thank You Holy Mary. Good Night

I smiled in my pretend sleep, seconds later I peeked at her,… she blew kisses to the cross. It felt so close and warm…  I had to wake up and asked her, “why did you blow kiss to the cross?” She said, “because Jesus is my best friend, you know!!” Then I kissed her.

The zoo trip was wonderful, Arlene was very excited to see some shows of those wild animals. We went home, bathed, had dinner, and went to bed. It was quite a tiring day for us. Just like the other night, I heard Arlene pray before she sleep.

Hi Jesus, Hi Holy Mary, Thank You for today. It was really fun. I saw many animals, the sea lion show was the best. I am very sleepy now (she yawned and rubbed her eyes).. I want to sleep now ok. Good Night. Again, she blew kisses.

Have I ever prayed like she did? Have I ever thought that Jesus is really a best friend I can tell anything about? I felt Jesus touched my heart every night through Arlene, she has a one great friend who will stay and listen to her all the time.

May God blesses us and our family as He himself has promise to stay with us, … with His amazing Love!


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